About  This  Blog

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my blog, it means a lot :) There's not a lot to say so I'll just stick a bit about me and this blog below for anyone who is interested.

Who Am I & What Is This Blog

My name is Luke and I enjoy the concept of life hacking. I know it has a few different meanings but to me, in the context of this blog, it just means taking a different look at things in life and seeing if there's a way to "hack" things better. 

This is my personal blog and I also currently host a community site over at LifeIsForHacking.com, you are welcome to join. I made this separate blog because although Life Is For Hacking was my original private blog, I wanted it to be focused on the community instead of just me and in the future I would like to decentralize the community as well, so I figured setting the boundaries between what's mine and what is the community at the beginning isn't a bad idea.
Join Us At The Life is For Hacking Community
All thoughts and opinions on this website are expressed under the condition that people who read it realize I am a silly little human who is trying to be better, so y'know, don't be a dick. Cheers :D
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