An Open Letter To StackPath and Their Customer Support Team... And Just Support Teams In General

March 14, 2021

This is a bit of a weird post for this blog. It's almost like a sponsored post, but I'm just not getting paid for it. Which kinda sucks for me, but yknow. I am just impressed, and I want to share it.

Stackpath is a really cool service in-case any readers are not currently aware of it. The way I use it is primarily for DNS management, CDN and WAF. I believe they also offer serverless scripting but I've never tried that with them.

But one thing... all those things, my other hosting providers have them too. And they are often included in the packages that I already pay for...

And while there are some extra benefits with Stackpath, my current tech stack really doesn't need Stackpath.

But I want Stackpath, because every time an issue crops up (and anyone who deals with pretty much any type of tech on a regular basis, knows issues cropping up is pretty common!) the support team has been an absolute pleasure to deal with (I literally feel like I'm writing a fake review right now, but I'm not I swear).

I want to know... how on earth did they do it?

I had maybe... 1-2 bad experiences with customer support from stackpath in the last few years since I started using them, and I would use them pretty often, weekly. And due to my own mistakes and lack of knowledge, I'd often find myself on the 24/7 live chat asking some poor human being to help me fix the mess I've made.

But every time they had. Even when the issue was... probably tbh out of scope for what the support I was paying for is... and I actually feel bad because I don't pay much money per month for the service but I almost certainly use up more support hours than I pay hahaha. I think that's part of why I want to share this with people and hopefully show them that putting good quality customer service first is not a bad investment, even if it kinda is with me right now. When you do exceptional work, people will talk. And I hope they do not lose this ability to provide consistent high quality support 24/7 and at a pretty damn big scale.

I've had some terrible experiences with customer support in my time, and not gonna lie, sometimes the fault of the bad interaction was actually me. It happens, we can all be wrong or even outright dick heads sometimes. But it makes me sad to see on many levels. Because I often think that there are many individuals and companies out there that I would love to deal with - but they are let down on how they handle customer interaction. Stackpath really exceeds all expectations in that area, at least for me. And it's just a really cool thing for a company that size to be able to do. So...

I have a request. I doubt it will be honoured, and that's completely fine. I'm just some random dude on the internet, but I'm making this request on behalf of all the other people who would benefit from a case study of how Stackpath managed to pull off such a fantastic customer support. No need to give away too much of the juicy details, I would not want your competitors to get a upper hand on you because of me. But perhaps you can tease us a bit? Hahaha! The basics? It would probably get you a lot of backlinks... high authority backlinks. And you know what Google loves? Backlinks. Not as much as it used to, but still quite a bit. Especially ones that you can't fake. I can help you make the most out of the case study and use it to considerably growth hack the operation. I'm not claiming to be a mastermind who can fix everything, but I do think I can help, and I really love your company (or, at least your badass live chat peeps) and I'd love to be part of the further success of your company. And like, for free. Or just pay me what you want I don't mind. My consulting rates are £600/hr but that's mainly just because I have only so much time in the day and I get tired of people convincing me to help them hahahahhaha. (If only we could somehow help everyone at once!)

To all other companies out there who have customer support... or SHOULD have customer support. I would say back me up and ask nicely for whomever is responsible of the customer support to come forward and give us a lil peak into how they managed to pull off such an impressive feat of under promising and over delivering on a consistent basis with his/her/their support team. Because it would be cool, and we could all nerd out over it.

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